Episode 41

Published on:

3rd Jul 2024

This One Took The Cake!

We're back after a little June break and boy did we have a lot to get off our minds!

Opening (0:00:00)

Abortion Cake! (0:00:39)

Remembering Eric Childs (0:05:34)

A Podcast Review and Trump Youth (0:10:39)

On the Campaign Trail (0:17:44)

  • The story of Barack Obama and “Fired Up! Ready to Go!” (YouTube)
  • Dick Harpootlian concedes to Russell Ott following close SC Senate District 26 primary (WIS10)
  • A Journey to Adjournment: the 125th General Assembly (SC Lede)

GOP Sister Senators Run Out of Office (0:20:49)

  • Third GOP ‘Sister Senator’ who filibustered South Carolina abortion ban loses primary (The Hill)
  • Slashed tires and a shot through a window. Is Shealy being harassed this campaign? (The State)

SC Primary Results in Greenwood, SC (0:33:28)

  • South Carolina Congressman Pulls Wedding Registry Amid Viral Criticism (FITS News)
  • Pro-Trump Candidate Calls for Executing Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids (Advocate)
  • Bill Garrett ad (YouTube)
  • Greenwood's turnout tipped scales for Garrett (Index Journal)

We Need Ranked Choice Voting (0:45:29)

  • The cost of runoffs and ranked choice voting (FairChoice)

Presidential Debate (0:49:30)

  • Democrats unveil plan to get Biden on Ohio ballot (BBC)
  • Admiral Stockdale’s opening speech in the VP Debate, 1992 (YouTube)

Closing (1:20:09)

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