Episode 30

Published on:

27th Mar 2024

I Used to Work Beside It, Not AT It!

This week, Jumelle & Bill tackle some heavy topics

Opening Banter (00:00)

  • Starbucks blames 'misrepresentation' after Israel Gaza protests (BBC)

Introduction (01:43)

  • Greenville strip club turned into church, on its way to a grand opening (wspa.com)
  • Exposing the woke agenda in schools (@TheJaySalazar via TikTok)
  • Trump mocks stutterers while Biden supports a kid with a stutter (@damonekstrom via TikTok)

On the Campaign Trail (11:03)

South Carolina Eviction Rate Data (18:15)

  • South Carolina NAACP won the right to publish current eviction data. The data are finally out (SC Public Radio)
  • ACLU and NAACP Secure Access to Public Eviction Records in Data-Scraping Case (ACLU)
  • NAACP vs Kohn (ACLU)
  • South Carolina Public Index
  • Eviction Lab
  • Eviction rankings (Eviction Lab) - 2 of the top 10 cities are in SC (the worst in the nation is North Charleston). But VA has 5 out of the top 10 including spots 2-4.
  • Greenwood county is 9th out of 46 counties. (NAACP)
  • NAACP Housing Naivgator
  • Southeastern U.S. tops the list for rural eviction rates (WHQR)

Reforming How South Carolina Judges are Selected (26:30)

Black Voters Drifting Away from the Democratic Party? (35:45)

  • Black Voters Are Drifting Away from Democrats. Will That Hurt Biden in SC? (Politico)
  • It stinks, but we’re stuck (Carolina Panorama)
  • Black voters less swayed by Biden's message that Trump threatens democracy, poll shows (AP)
  • After Years of Beef, Snoop Dogg Now Says This Is Why He Has ‘Nothing But Love and Respect’ For Donald Trump (Billboard)
  • Reaction to Snoop Dogg's change of mind (MSNBC The Sunday Times via YouTube)
  • Strategist made a claim about Black unemployment under Biden | Fact check (TampaBay.com)
  • Where Marijuana Laws Stand in the U.S. as Biden Pardons Thousands (Time)
  • Biden campaign working to turn its HBCU support into electoral support (NBC news)
  • Tim Scott: ‘Trump did more for minorities than Biden will ever do’ (The Hill)
  • Most of Biden’s appointed judges to date are women, racial or ethnic minorities – a first for any president (Pew Research Center)
  • Roland OBLITERATES Tim Scott For ‘Trump Did More For Minorities Than Biden Will Ever Do’ LIES (Roland Martin YouTube)

Closing (53:42)

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